Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Maybe I'll Teach!!!

I am currently sitting at Panera. It’s 5:30 p.m. And I’m pretty sure that if given the opportunity, I could fall asleep sitting up and not wake up until about Sunday. The past few days have been SO exhausting, maybe a little stressful, but SO great!

Here’s a quick re-cap for you:

Monday: Mondays are always great days! While most of the time I’m not prepared when they roll around, I think Mondays are sometimes the days I most look forward to because Mondays mean 3 things: Small Group, Young Life, and time with some of my most favorite people, my Young Life team. This particular Monday I woke up, went to class (PTL I’m done with Kinesiology 480 - it sucked), went to CFA for free chicken sandwiches for lunch (Again, Happy Birthday Todd!! and thanks for the freebie), came back to Red Saile, and finished preparing for the Young Life talk I would be giving that night. Thanks to my awesome roommate Chelcie for helping me organize it/and giving me ho-hum ideas/ and telling me the ending story/ and basically writing it for me. I owe you one!

I gave the cross talk at club. And it wasn’t easy. At all. But that’s what I felt Jesus called me to talk about Monday night. And let’s just say the mood in the room wasn’t light when it was over. But I think that’s okay, because sometimes I feel like we need to be left in hard place to truly soak in what Christ did for us on the cross. Because it was anything but easy. 

After club, my team went to McDonald’s. Yes, that’s right. To the golden arches we drove. Sonic is our normal spot, but since it was practically snowing outside, we decided to venture somewhere that was a little more cozy to hang out. (Sidenote: I was SO excited that Delaney was at club Monday night! She hadn’t been here for a while due to mono. Boo! But Lane - we missed you at McDonald’s, but I’m SO happy you’re starting to feel better and can get out of the house now). So sitting in a big booth all cuddled up together, we drank our hot chocolates and mochas, ate our "holiday pies", laughed a lot, and enjoyed being together. I love my team. SO very much. And they are so good at loving me so well. 

After club, it was a late night because I had to prepare a lesson plan for Teach For America. For those of you who don't know...Teach For America is a 2 year program that sends teachers to inner-city schools in hopes of making an impact on kids lives and helping to correct the problem of this achievement gap we are experiencing in the United States today. Honestly, when I first applied to Teach For America, I wasn't even sure that it was something I would ever consider doing. I had never thought about being a teacher before applying, but the more I learned about their program and once I realized that I would possibly a. be given the opportunity to work with children (I'm talking like toddlers - age 3 or 4) all day and b. be given the opportunity to forever change their lives for the better, I said "Sign me up!" I know it won't be easy, but I'm ready to face the challenge...

So Tuesday : I woke up bright and early, as in 6:30, and planned my lesson plan some more. I wanted to get to campus as early as possible, to get the closest parking spot possible, since I was in high heels. You're welcome to all those people I saw walking to my interview looking absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, I legit need to practice walking in those things... I don't know how people do it. Thankfully, once I got to the interview room, there was minimal walking required.We began the day by introducing ourselves to everyone else and getting to know one another. There were 7 other applicants that interviewed with me, all of which seemed so great. I genuinely enjoyed listening to and participating in their lesson plans, and think Teach For America would be lucky to get all of them as future teachers. During the later half of the day, personal interviews were held. I got to talk a lot about ministry in Young Life, and brag on my girls, which was really cool. 

We shall see if it works out! Either way I will be happy. But if it does, I know it's a total God thing. Because never in a million years would I have thought that this is what I would be considering doing with my future. 

So thanks God, whatever you have planned for me! I know it will be great :)

Here are a few pictures to leave you with :

This is my crazy, fun, wonderful, ice cream covered team. Minus one. Olivia, I dunno where the heck you were?!?

Here we are a little cleaner. Love them with my whole heart and soul.

These are my roomies! I've been SO thankful for them lately. They really are SO great.

These are the two best women in my life, my Grandmom and Mom.

This is my family. We are REALLY weird. But I wouldn't have it any other way!

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