Monday, March 26, 2012

"Let's Do It. Let's Go To The Beach."

Spring Break 2012... Man oh man was it fun! I can't believe it's already happened and instead of waking up every morning and heading out to the beach, we are all waking up and going to class. Thank goodness it was at least warm when we rolled back into town. I don't think I could have coped with coming back to the cold again after being in 80 degree weather for a solid week. Good riddance to you wintertime (hopefully)!!!

There were so many great things about Spring Break. Obviously, besides the fact that I got to spend a week in the sun and finally not look like Casper anymore, I got to hang out with 12 of the coolest people I know.

We laughed. A LOT. We learned how to perfect skim boarding and corn hole. We danced (who knew Molly Young had such sick dance moves??). We ate. SO much. We learned that Local Blue Crab does not equate by any means to Alaskan Snow Crab (really I'm the one who learned this...the hard way). We saw Dane in his infamous American/Patriotic/Tiny/Not OKAY speedo run down the beach and scare the visitors and locals. We had the beach patrol stop to tell the boys to get out of the water (not once, but twice). We (all the girls) shared a big room with seven beds in it that I wish more than anything we could just transport to Knoxville so we could all be together like that again. We listened to a lot of country. And a lot of Pandora Destiny's Child Radio (Thanks for making the car ride SO enjoyable for all of us Lil Nikki with this revelation). And we had a good time just being with one another.

I relived the week again tonight by editing picture and making a photobook (thanks Shutterfly for having great specials this week- you rock!) And I hope we really can relive this spring break again. I know we won't always have a spring break, in fact, this is my last one ever, but I hope that there is some week every year that I can take off of work and just live life with friends. My prayer is that in 20, even 30 years from now, we will all still know each other, all still be going on "spring break" together, and all still having so much fun doing it.

So until next "spring break," I'll leave you with these gems:

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