Friday, December 9, 2011

Under the Mistletoe

Woooooo baby!! Finally.....IT'S CHRISTMAS BREAKKKKKKK!!!! I am SO thankful this semester is OVER. Done. Finito. Finished. Classes were so stinkin hard, but somehow I survived them all and passed them all. PTL!!

And even though we're done with school for a month, that doesn't mean I still don't plan on being real a good way. I have high expectation for this winter break! So far these are some things on my do-do list:

Go to a Chick-Fil-A grand opening * become a photographer (hopefully with the new camera I get for Christmas. Please, Santa, be good to me!) * cut up all my notes/study guides/old tests and hang them from the ceiling in snowflake form * spend time reading a non-related school book by the fire at my parents house * make ornaments for our "Nicole sized" Christmas tree * go on a road trip * hang out with Christine * do lots of crafts from Pintrest * watch as many Christmas movies as possible (about 2 a day was our record last year...let's keep the tradition going this year Chelc) * study for the GRE * hopefully become a teacher (keeping my fingers crossed I'll find out I get to be with sweet little Hawaiian babies this time next year!) * listen to Justin Bieber's Christmas CD A LOT *make coffee every morning * bake sweet treats * spend time with my high school friends * go to Windy Gap...holllla * get my 1st New Years Eve kiss (why not? I can dream big...) * acquire a husky puppy (dreamin' even bigger here) * make a gingerbread house * have weekly overnights with my Young Life team * spend time with my CAK loves * travel somewhere awesome (Like San Diego again) * go snowboarding* watch OTH, The O.C., and FNL * perfect a hot chocolate recipe * build multiple forts throughout the house * play in the snow (I think the phrase "blizzard of 2012" just sounds right) * go caroling and Christmas light looking * have game nights * leave a gift on someone random's front porch * have a bonfire * take naps * wear ridiculous holiday sweaters and wool socks * and find some mistletoe for Red Saile. :)

Just in case you needed a visual for a few of these, here ya go!

This happened last winter break at Red Saile! Notes turned snowflakes = brilliant!

Wish we could take another trip to see Tyler in San Diego this month!

I miss these two more than they know. And can't wait to be reunited with them when they come back to Knoxville over break.

Us Red Saile girls went to Sugar last Christmas (Abby and Laura are missing in this pic). It was super fun snowboarding for the first time! You should ask Laura Leatherwood about it :)

This was wintertime in high school at Young Life club. We had the best Farragut YL leader ever! Actually YL leader period. Love you, Stine.

New Year's 2012.

While this picture doesn't scream Christmas, it's the only one I had of pretty much all the girls. They may not know it, but they have my whole heart. I love them to pieces.

This was Christmas two years ago in Gateway. Clearly, we loved laughing with each other.

These are my best friends. They are legit the most wonderful people I know. I'm thankful for them everyday. (Strid...we miss you bud!)

You're welcome for this jem. You can thank Katie Cafferky.

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